Welcome back to the Official TLC Fansite!

Ladies and Gentlehearts! We will begin our new journey into our 4th decade with a TLC smile on our face and saggy pants. We don’t need no introduction. We don’t need no instructions. We will be back shortly. 

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About TLCLJS.com

The longest standing TLC group fansite on earth. TLC Love Just Is started in 1999 under a different name and shortly became TLC Love Just Is around 2003 or 2004. The name stems from the Hilary Duff album, ‘Metamorphosis’ where she delivered superb teenage vocals for our theme song ‘Love Just Is’. We choose it because we didn’t know why we loved them and the rest is HIStory. Do you like gargantuan content? No scrubs. Look above you to enjoy the free cellphone wallpapers we found a slightly huger crowd would enjoy these. No worries desktop wallpapers are coming to a home near you, you guessed it, right here!


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