Would you like to become a Moderator at TLCLJS? Well… here’s how!

There are a lot of huge things coming up for TLCLoveJustIs.com! And well… I need some help. These are some of the skill sets I need Adobe Creative Suite users who can help create graphics, memes, and gifs for TLC Love Just Is.com. I also need Moderators for the TLC Love Just Is facebook group “TLC Love Hearts”. I need someone to post news for the site I don’t like really posting news articles. I prefer to do graphics for TLC. So if you are able to use WordPress? Become a user to post news search TLC on google, facebook, and as well as other TLC fansites such as “TLC Army.” Try to post original topics, if not link back to the source and if you take it from a source make sure to link back anyway if not it’s plagiarism. Make sure it’s fun! Also, install Grammarly to make sure you are up on your grammar! A lot of the website is not done. I need help as we begin the journey of making this the biggest TLC website to ever exist… again.

Twitter? Do you love Twitter and would like to post and garner new users. I need someone for that and if you would like to help with the Instagram and all other social media accounts. I am currently working on the Tumblr theme to make a new one. The point is I need help. We have two moderators named Yeania and Taneesha. If you feel you can help in any way feel free to contact us at contact@tlclovejustis.com. We would like for you to become part of the “TLC Love Hearts” team? Any questions? Leave in the comments.

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