TLC Love Just Is vs. Cyber Chris World (A 10 year feud… put to rest) [Read Full Story]

I can’t believe it is 4:26 am and I am making this post. This was user requested and I owe this to my TLC Love Hearts, part of the TLC Army, just what I call our fans, this post!

It all started in 2005 when a user posted on Cyber Chris forums. How about I make my own website? Not knowing I already had a website I think it was under or probably hosted on Boom I purchased and decided to take web designing, coding, and most of all being a TLC fansite more seriously! is the only TLC fansite besides CyberChris that can be reached on A lot of other such as, TLCDaily, or cannot be found. popped bringing in easily 1,000 daily users and 300 page views daily. I brought my own set of fans with a look at this page from click here. You can tell from this archive page that is missing images, but on the tagboard, you can see fans that stayed glued to despite some slow news due to the internet availability. Let me add my TLC Love Hearts never acted the way that a lot of CyberChris members acted on the forum… where I once blocked once because I didn’t like a Transformer film. Thus, I created my own forum.

I decided to make my forum I gave up on trying to fit in with Cyber Chris World that was mean to me constantly for no reason. However, Cyber Chris was nice to me then. After making a forum, I decided to leave for the reason that I finally found a home where I can discuss TLC freely with other fans, do it nicely and justly, and without any problems. This seemed to become too much for CyberChris as it felt like a fight between and I still glanced at the forum and with that, I had it with members thinking I’m trying to take over as the “best new site” and with that, I decided to quit by 2009. I quit for two reasons one I grew sick of people not believing my designs, always trying to prove this was my site, and little drama with other sites AND I QUIT BECAUSE I FELT LIKE Cyber Chris could have this if it means this much to him to have a TLC fan site and be the only one so be it,” I said. I went on an indefinite hiatus until January 2017.

I came back and found there were now still two TLC fansites… and Cyber Chris World at the time. I joined the TLC Army group and the Cyber Chris forum and everything was fine. I found Cyber Chris forums to have changed and now I could get along and talk about TLC and I enjoyed building my fan site. People didn’t mind that I linked it and it felt how I always wanted the CyberTLC fan experience to be. Let’s be clear. I made TLC Love Just Is after viewing CyberTLC website through the late 90s and he’s the reason why I made the site. I was there when Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes would talk on the forums, but I always too nervous to join. I felt like finally I could get along with some members I may not been able to best on maturity level. I was between the ages of 13 – 15 when I decided to actually join Cyber Chris forums back in the day.


Now this is where dates get twisted. By June, I had my website back and a good following on Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, and even Soundcloud before I deleted them. Cyber Chris decided to close his website allegedly over rights of photographs he would put huge watermarks on and not agreeing with the management. I knew this had something to do with me as he managed to copy a design of mind and started to add “made in 1997” seemingly after I did “1999.” I asked him about my site was it ‘causing such a ruckus?.” Cyber Chris said no there is room for everyone, but later wrote on “The Eye Is Right” facebook group that this was the website he only stood behind. Now deleted… I noticed this and replied “I thought you said there was room for every body.”

I guess not. Becoming buddies with did nothing for my ‘career’ with CyberChris who blocked him and me from everything after we displayed ‘exclusive’ TLC photo shoots for fans. After all, the fans might just want the image for themselves. I always understood the point of watermarks make believe my site will showcase them more and you can come on the website and see them un-watermarked. However, Chris went to extreme. I didn’t care. I just wanted to show the photos to the fans for free and thus, I was blocked from everything. I cried, but yet I started the #CyberLeakingParty where I displayed photos of him lying, copying my images, and even putting in fake copyright claims on YouTube. I was mad. I knew this next thing would take him for a loop…

I changed my password to be the same as it was CyberChris forums and I bated him by changing my bio to “the longest TLC fan site running.” Less than a day… not just TLCLoveJustIs were deleted and even my personal Instagram were deleted. I’m going to put this as alleged because I still wouldn’t believe he would do such a thing. I will say thank you to my TLC Love Hearts that got me back to 1,000 followers and on average 200 likes compared to his 27 k followers and around an average 450 – 600 likes on pictures. Hilarious.


funny how you can quote Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes but hated Supernova.

My youtube was even restored… before I deleted it again. Sigh… it’s back up now though. I started to feel really bad because he closed his site about 3 or 4 times. I thought to myself once again ‘that he can have it’. Later, I started to hear allegedly that even threatened This infuriated me cause he was the one member that showed I can rekindle with my following and the new TLC Army. The TLC Army group to their respect didn’t act like Cyber Chris forums… and was more active despite just being a facebook group. It was too much drama! I decided to go on hiatus later last Summer and it’s just now September and I’m picking back up the pieces.


I championed and came back only to now… two lost fan sites. I would never quit my website just because I am not in the blossom of TLC’s management. This is a fan site… for the fans… and I will continue to do it for the what? fans. I came back this past August with promos of our return. Recently, I caught screen caps of this I met up with Cyber Chris again and he left these receipts of his conduct.


Cyber Chris may never change. I have had enough after he wrote on our facebook now deleted… “you will never be anyone.” I can say that my site is up yours isn’t… it’s the fake that you decided to call out on an Instagram post. Wait for mine… I’m going to make this story global. I am going to put it on YouTube, Soundcloud, you name it, and people will hear about you and I won’t still mention your name. is in the works! It will be an anti-bullying movement campaign that will capture stories, support for others who have encountered bullying advice, and much more! I am not whom believes in going on tirades for nothing. I’m going to make something out of it.

Stay tuned.

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