Left Eye’s Group ‘Blaque’ Is Finally Going to Release Their Torch Album!

Like I always say, there is power in numbers! Blaque, which was discovered by Left Eye, are going to put out their 3rd album “Torch” for the fans to hear. Fans thoughts this was unthinkable and many have lost hope, but we can confirm you will get soon.

The album was originally recorded back in 2003. The album was supposed to be released in 2004, but Elektra Records released them from their contract. Below is “No Ganksta” one of the songs that leaked from the album… I can say from the leaks alone this album seems promising as their best album!

We can thank our sister site Dimension TLC who decided to put a plan in motion by organizing a petition! This got the attention of the remaining Blaque members, Shamari DeVoe, and Brandi Williams, and they are listening to us finally!

On October 28, the birthday of the late Natina Reed, Shamari and Brandi decided to host the first Remembering Natina annual party to celebrate her life, and announced to the world that they were going to release the Torch album in full, very soon!

Dimension TLC owner James posted the announcement in the Blaque Out! chat group on Facebook. “Our true Blaque fans!“, Brandi said excitedly to the crowd. “Y’all know about that Torch album? Y’all have been asking, y’all have been petitioning, y’all have been dying to know what happened to Torch.”

Well tonight“, Brandi continued, “on our sisters birthday, we have decided to let everyone know that Torch will be released very soon!”.

“Not just the snippets, but the FULL album!”, Shamari insisted. “Every single song. We just copped the masters for Torch! We are releasing Torch!”.

Left Eye On The Set of Music Video “I Do”

The Torch album features a lovely tribute to their idol Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes on a track titled “Her Name”. The singles “Ugly” (featuring Missy Elliott) and “I’m Good” from the Honey soundtrack are also on the tracklist.

Shamari has been cast in the latest season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Could this mean Blaque is coming back from the caves?!

We hope they keep their word.

Are you ready for the 3rd Blaque album, “Torch?”

full tracklist


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