I Never Got Over Left Eye’s Death… Announcing #TheSupernovaProject

This final era empty of Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes besides a grateful interlude that was on ‘TLC’.  It took talking to a fan on Facebook to convince me to want to see TLC live without Left Eye and I will do just that! I found like many of the fans that 3D took raps from Supernova and executed them into songs that didn’t match such as “Over Me“, and “Give It Me To While It’s Hot“. I have decided to listen to 3D remove the raps from those songs and add “Who’s It Gonna Be?” and “Whoop De Woo” previously released Left Eye songs with original raps from that era. Let’s not forget Eye Legacy that gave two amazing tracks such as “Neva Will Eye Eva and “Let’s Just Do It”. I thought like many reviews that Left Eye was overshadowed on Eye Legacy and the raps from Supernova should have been left alone.

This year marked August 14, 2001 marked its 17th anniversary, but the album is still only available on Amazon. Plus, Let’s Just Do It is better on the original. I would like to see Eye Legacy repackaged with a few Supernova original tracks, b-sides, and original untouched songs like “Let’s Just Do It.”

I have announcement TheSupernovaProject.com, which will part of TLCLJS.com, is coming soon where it’s ultimate goal is to get listeners to listen to the album. I also own LisaLeftEyeLopes.com of which I will market as her official website and I’m working on buying Eyenetics.com for fans to listen! It will also encompass T-Shirt designs. I will not use it to link to a youtube page where I make revenue; instead, TheSupernovaProject.com, LisaLeftEyeLopes.com, and Eyenetics.com will be there own sites. #namesnamesnames In 2005, I owned UsherFetish.com, GretchenWilsonTotally.com, and PharrellWilliamsBase.com, so don’t think it will be too much for me and those sites will come back as well. I will ask for assistance from the TLC Love Hearts to help run it! I really think the Lopes family enjoy LisaLeftEyeLopes.com. The domains right now take you nowhere… until the domain is up or a temporary page.

Back to Supernova, the hits such as “Hot“, “I Believe In Me“, “True Confessions“, and “Jenny” will even have lyric videos that will be up on the next thing I will be announcing OfficialTLCTube.com. This album deserves to be heard on Itunes, Apple Music, Tidal, and Spotify. I will stop at nothing with getting the album played there. What are your favorite songs Supernova? Get ready! This album is so joyous to me I can listen to from top to bottom, let’s not forget songs that were left off such as “Left Pimpin”, “Friends”, and “Tampered With.” People watched as Left Eye split her heart on The Last Days of Left Eye were she got pissed and said: “she needed a break.” This should’ve been a clue that this album should be in the hands of everyone… I will not let it go out of print!

I Never Got Over Left Eye’s Death… but this album after 18 years has helped me.

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